EdReady is an adaptive learning platform that's been adopted by districts, systems, and states to personalize math and English instruction and to empower data-driven, student-success decisions.

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Every student can benefit from personalized support, whether they're rising to grade-level expectations, transitioning to a new grade, preparing for college, or working to earn a credential.

EdReady supports: just-in-time learning and accelerated learning; grade-to-grade transitions, dual enrollment / early college / P-TECH programs; high school completion; college and career readiness; low-stakes, formative assessment for placement; co-requisite education, HSE / GED, CASAS, TABE, or NRS preparation; and teacher preparation.

The platform has been adopted by more than 200 sustaining and strategic partners, representing over 1,700 separate educational institutions and one million students with current access.

EdReady puts educators in control, from defining curricular scopes to customizing student messaging and more. Leaders like you work with our customer success team to ensure that EdReady is optimized to support the students you serve.

Content Coverage

Our award-winning math and English curricula and vetted third-party content underpin the EdReady experience.

Each EdReady goal can support a unique, student-focused readiness experience. EdReady can accommodate a variety of goals, depending on your needs. You can tailor study paths and embedded diagnostics to support programmatic needs within a customized scope of expectations. A personalized study path with topic-specific, media-rich learning resources will guide your students toward their goals, and you can choose which curated resources your students will see.

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The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) is a document which evaluates how accessible a particular product is according to the Section 508 Standards. It is a self-disclosing document produced by the vendor which details each aspect of the Section 508 requirements and how the product supports each criterion.


For EdReady and other NROC products, The NROC Project employs best practices in data security, and only the minimum possible amount of personally identifiable information (PII data) is acquired by default. The document below provides a summary of The NROC Project’s privacy practices as they pertain to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Security And Performance

EdReady Service Status: https://status.edready.org/

EdReady employs best practices in data security, and the minimum possible amount of personally identifiable information (PII data) is acquired by default. The document below details the specific data collected under different implementation scenarios as well as related security, operations, and performance protocols.

Data & Reporting

EdReady captures and graphically displays student- and cohort-level, real-time performance data. Uncover student learning trends and understand when and what types of instructional interventions will benefit your students.

EdReady Math

"Placement of new students into college-level math courses increased from 24 to 42 percent using EdReady at Nevada State College."
Multiple Measures: A Better Student Assessment / Assessing College Readiness Beyond High-Stakes Placement Tests | View the Study
“A beautiful part of EdReady is that you get to listen to presentations and worked examples. We have some ESL students who either are pursuing HiSET or are just trying to improve their English and math skills. Being able to actually practice the listening piece is vital and really helps build vocabulary. It’s really rich for ESL populations.”
Renee Bentham, Department Chair, Missoula County Public Schools Adult
Education Division (Montana)
“Students love these personalized study plans. They love the chance to be able to finally fill in the holes that they have been struggling with all of high school, all of elementary school, all of junior high."
Crystal Van Ausdal, Mountain Heights Academy (Utah)

Case Studies & Recent Press

EdReady English

“Systemic adoption and implementation of EdReady has been a smart approach to addressing remedial issues."
Mark Silliman, Waipahu Early College High School (Hawai'i)
“The students liked EdReady because it allowed them to focus only on areas in which they struggled.”
Ashleigh Brewer, Instructor, South Plains College (Texas)
“Our teachers really like using EdReady. As a personalized learning system, they can easily monitor and assist struggling learners. [T]hey also report a second and equally impressive improvement in learners’ digital literacy."
Penny Pearson, Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (California)

Case Studies & Recent Press

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