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NROC collaborates with educators to imagine, develop, test, and refine technologies that improve student success. When your institution, system, or state becomes an NROC partner, you enjoy affordable, seat-based access to EdReady, as well as responsive implementation and technical support, thoughtful instructional resources, and timely professional development. What’s more, you gain a network of connected, inspired, and highly skilled academics who regularly share how their practices are opening doors for learners historically left behind.

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Institutional Benefits | Data, Support, & Customization

  • EdReady student data | Access real-time student performance analytics.
  • EdReady customization | Customize EdReady's curricular scope(s) to meet your programmatic needs.
  • Implementation support | Take advantage of one-on-one, live setup and implementation support, technical training*, and single sign-on and other data integrations*.
  • Technical assistance | Leverage EdReady's searchable knowledge base and web ticket-based technical support.
  • Professional development | Attend monthly webinars concerning educational thought leadership, NROC case studies, and technical trends, tips, and tricks.

       *These services may require additional costs.


Because we value student access over profit, our products are and will continue to remain affordable, allowing institutions, districts, systems, and states to take advantage of NROC technologies without having to pass associated costs on to their students.

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