High School Success

A turn-key solution for middle schools, high schools, and other programs that are seeking to accelerate, deepen, or otherwise improve algebra mastery

Academic Coverage

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Algebra 1

The EdReady program covers every algebra topic that students are expected to learn and master in a typical high-school level Algebra 1 curriculum. The program is divided into two stages corresponding to typical course progressions and a full-year, two-semester schedule, as follows:


Foundational concepts in Algebra 1

Includes graphing and solving functions and linear equations


Advanced concepts in Algebra 1

Includes radical and rational expressions, factoring, polynomials, and quadratic functions.

Use Cases

EdReady for High School Success can be deployed in classrooms, online, or in hybrid environments. The program can be used effectively to accelerate middle-school students into more advanced high-school math courses, to support differentiated instruction in Algebra 1 courses, and to close persistent equity gaps.

Importantly, the EdReady program provides a robust solution the ongoing challenge of motivating and supporting student learning in hybrid settings, giving both students and teachers the flexibility they need to offer meaningful learning experiences in the face of further disruption.