Administrative Reports

EdReady gives decision-makers robust, real-time student success data.

  • Program leaders: access roll-up reports that reveal program successes and areas for improvement
  • Institutional leaders: analyze how cohorts are performing across geographic areas and other metrics
  • Academics: review how individual students are performing and prescribe targeted interventions as necessary

A color-coded mastery status system helps you quickly assess student performance.

A photograph depicts a school administrator working on a computer, another photograph depicts a student working on a computer, a color coded legend shows how they can both see status of learning for Not Ready, Needs Review, Doing Well, and Mastered

The Overview Report provides high-level summary information across an entire program, enabling you to review student progress and mastery statuses.

A screenshot of the Overview report for Administrators in EdReady which allows them to see high-level summary information across an entire program

Using the report’s filters, you can surface institution-specific student data. Educators and other people who directly support students can filter the Overview Report to reveal cohort-specific details.

A screenshot of the Overview report being filtered to reveal cohort-specific details

What administrators are saying

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