EdReady® for Institutions

Because we value student access over profit, EdReady is and will continue to remain affordable, allowing districts, systems, and states to take advantage of the adaptive learning platform without having to pass associated costs on to their students.

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Individual classroom teachers or groups of educators lacking full institutional backing.
  • Access to a library of pre-defined EdReady curricular Goals
  • Full control over student and administrator accounts
  • Preview learning resources
  • Access to student performance reports
  • Offline teaching resources

NOTE: EdReady Classroom is supported by our partner, Montana Digital Academy.


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For institutions that want to deploy EdReady to support up to two educational use cases.
  • All Classroom benefits, plus . . .
  • Create and edit student accounts
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Custom URL and branding
  • Direct support from NROC, including a kick-off meeting and in-depth training
  • Access to on-demand training
  • Customize learning expectations, student workflows, and onscreen messaging


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Deploy EdReady in a coordinated approach across districts, systems, or states with custom integrations.
  • All Institutional benefits, plus . . .
  • Student information system (SIS) integration
  • Dedicated technical support and ongoing customer success training based on your organizational calendar
  • Product white labeling
  • Customized online support center and documentation
  • Access to outbound API-based data feed
If pricing is a barrier in your community, ask about our OER offerings.


Since its inception, The NROC Project has been dedicated to creating and maintaining open educational resources (OER), including free educational websites and digital textbooks, designed to broaden learners’ access to high-quality educational opportunities. Individuals can use our Open Educational Resources (OER) to enhance learning.
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  • Access vetted multimedia learning content from a variety of OER providers across thirteen different disciplines at HippoCampus.org.
  • Learners can check their knowledge and get a study path for six different educational goals at EdReady.org.
  • Teachers and learning coaches aren't able to access student performance data.
  • EdReady scores from the free, public site can't be verified for credit by an institution.