Student Experience

Students can use EdReady to improve their math and English mastery at their own pace.

How it works

Students access the learning experiences from their institution's unique EdReady site. Students interact with an initial diagnostic assessment designed to evaluate what they know today and what they still need to learn.

A photograph depicts students in a computer lab getting introduced to EdReady

The results of the initial diagnostic are presented to the student as an EdReady score with a detailed report of how the student scored for each unit and topic.

A screenshot shows the initial diagnostic report results that a student would see

EdReady builds each student a unique study path that they follow until they reach or eclipse their target score which is defined by their institution.

A photograph depicts a student working on their EdReady study path on a laptop while sitting in nature. The study path is seen on the screen of the laptop

The study path organizes the learning experience by topic, serving up relevant multimedia learning resources and providing students with additional self-testing activities.

An animated GIF depicts the study path screen being scrolled down. Some units are available for testing and some are requiring further learning before they can be retested.

EdReady allows students to focus on the material they need to review and select the learning resources that best suit how they learn. Data reports allow educators and administrators to support their students.

a photograph depicts a student working on a laptop in their home at the kitchen table

EdReady Supports

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