Educator Reports

View cohort-specific and individual student activity details.

You can monitor:

  • Student engagement (or lack thereof)
  • The concepts that students know today and what they need to master to achieve their goal
  • Details about how students are using their time, including taking advantage of the embedded study resources
  • Key activity indicators that highlight which students are struggling to effectively use the platform
  • Current mastery status across a cohort

A color-coded mastery status system helps you quickly assess student performance for units, topics, and learning objectives.

A photograph depicts a student working in a computer lab with focus on the screen which shows the EdReady student results of the initial diagnostic. A legend shows the status of not tested, not ready, needs review, doing well, and mastered

What the status levels mean: ? Untested: this material was not covered by the diagnostic, Not ready: student has mastered less than 50% of included learning objectives, Needs review: student has mastered 50-99% of included learning objectives, Doing well: student has mastered 100% of tested learning objectives… but not everything has been tested yet, Mastered: student has mastered 100% of included learning objectives

See overarching performance trends.

A screenshot of the Overview report which allows educators to see overarching performance trends

See all students’ progress.

A screenshot of the student data report with summary information where the educator can see all student's progress

See students’ unit-level mastery at a glance.

A screenshot of the Student data report with Unit Details showing the status of every unit for every student

See students’ topic-level mastery at a glance.

A screenshot of the student data report showing topic details for every student for an individual unit

See an overview of activity for each student.

A screenshot of an overview report for an individual student which can be seen by the educator supporting the student's learning

See which tests a student has taken and which questions were asked.

A screenshot depicts the history of tests taken by an individual student

See the questions students answered.

A screenshot depicts the history of questions the student answered on the test and how they answered so the educator can help

See which resources a student has studied, and the amount of time spent with each resource.

A screenshot depicts how the educator can see a report of the Resources the student has studied and the amount of time spent with the resource

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