Algebra Support for Alternative Education High School Seniors

Sierra Vista High School (CA) | Credit Recovery, Secondary, Adult Education

WHO: 5th year seniors working to earn a high school diploma in a non-traditional setting.

WHY: Flexible and self-paced approach for students struggling to reach the district’s benchmark standards.

HOW: Blended course, lab-based, primarily asynchronous. Open entry / exit allowed students to begin at different times and participate when it worked best with their schedule.

  • In the first semester of the pilot, only half of the traditional classroom students passed the common assessment, while nearly all of the students in the hybrid class passed the same exam.
  • In the traditional class, the class was required to move on, regardless of whether all of the students had mastered the material. In the hybrid class, by contrast, students didn’t move on until they were ready. The pace was slower, but the success rates were higher.

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