Low-Stakes Mathematics Placement and Preparation Using EdReady

Jacksonville State University

In 2019, David Thornton, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Jan Case, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, and Courtney Peppers, Director of Learning Services authored an article detailing Jacksonville State University's transition to low-stakes placement for the Journal of National Testing Association.

From the article:

Students at the public four-year institution Jacksonville State University were underprepared for college math and were stalled by a repetitive cycle of failure with remedial math courses and discontinuity from being sent back to the beginning the following semester without regard for academic progress. By replacing the classic high-stakes testing and traditional course structure with a simple, well-mapped placement and study path model, JSU students are moving on to their credit-bearing math courses in less time, at lower cost, and with significantly higher success rates in their subsequent math courses.
Institution Type / AUDIENCE:
Adult Education
Use Case:
College Math Readiness
Placement Alternative / Low-Stakes Placement
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