Make the data work for you

EdReady captures and graphically displays student- and cohort-level, real-time performance data. Uncover student learning trends and understand when and what types of instructional interventions will benefit your students.

A pen and ink drawing depicts a woman sitting at a desk working on a computer. On the computer screen reports can be seen with student data.

EdReady empowers you to monitor:

  • Student engagement (or lack thereof)
  • The concepts that students know today and what they need to master to achieve their goal
  • Details about how students are using their time, including taking advantage of the embedded study resources
  • Key activity indicators that highlight which students may be struggling to effectively use the platform
  • Current mastery status across a cohort, enabling you to quickly see what concepts could be reinforced by additional instruction (Not Ready, Needs Review, Doing Well, and Mastered)
  • Student persistence and success

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Examples of EdReady Reports

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