EdReady for Assessing and Addressing Learning Loss

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Earmark Your ESSER III Funds Now

Local educational agencies (LEAs) are permitted to use Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds to “develop or implement an innovative approach to providing instruction to accelerate learning and mitigate the effects of lost instructional time for students most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

EdReady, an adaptive learning platform, adopted by districts, systems, and states to support grade-to-grade transitions and college readiness, is an evidence-based technology that empowers teachers to efficiently assess, track, and address math and English learning loss. 

If you’re considering how ESSER funding can prepare your students for high school success and matriculation to postsecondary education, we want to partner with you.

A student with short, curly brown hair and a red shirt sits in front of a computer displaying EdReady while working with a small whiteboard. She is working in a computer lab.
A student works through her unique EdReady study path.

Personalize Student Learning at Scale

Within the application, students take a short self-assessment that showcases the math and English concepts that they know today as well as the concepts that they still need to master to successfully transition to the next grade, graduate from high school, or pursue college or career. Next, EdReady builds each student a unique study path that surfaces multimedia presentations, worked examples, and simulations that bolster student learning.

Make Data-Informed Decisions

EdReady gives administrators and teachers access to robust, real-time student performance reports. These data can be used to inform instruction and intervention, helping you appropriately allocate limited resources with confidence.

EdReady empowers you to monitor:

  • Student engagement (or lack thereof)
  • The concepts that students know today and what they need to master to achieve their goal
  • Details about how students are using their time, including taking advantage of the embedded study resources
  • Key activity indicators that highlight which students may be struggling to effectively use the platform
  • Current mastery status across a cohort, enabling you to quickly see what concepts could be reinforced by additional instruction (Not Ready, Needs Review, Doing Well, and Mastered)
  • Student persistence and success

Customize EdReady's Scope to Your Curricular Expectations and More

With the support of your dedicated customer support specialist, you define the math and English curricula that your students experience. What's more, you can choose the learning resources and messaging that your students encounter.

Benefit from Affordability and Responsiveness

As a nonprofit, equity-focused organization celebrating 20 years of operation, we strive to keep EdReady affordable for districts. Once activated, EdReady seat licenses are available to students for the duration of the contract. Additionally, partnering with us ensures that you have ready access to a dedicated customer success specialist who will guide your staff through the implementation process.

Take Advantage of a Proven Solution

Texas College Bridge, powered by EdReady, was launched in 2020 to help students fill Covid-exacerbated knowledge gaps and demonstrate college readiness. Since then, the program has grown from a multi-institution pilot to a statewide college readiness initiative inclusive of more than 400 participating independent school districts and 90 institutions of higher education. Review recent third-party efficacy data.

Earmark Your ESSER III Funds for EdReady

  • ESSER III funds must be allocated by September 30, 2024.

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