Ivy Tech Sees Major Readiness Uptick with EdReady

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Amanda Caple Melton, NROC Staff
August 26, 2021 (updated October 13, 2021)

A recent Diverse Issues in Higher Education article highlighted how Ivy Tech Community College, one of the largest community college systems in the United States, is effectively using EdReady as a course-aligned placement measure that builds each student user a personalized learning path that they can work at their own pace to improve their readiness for credit-bearing coursework.

EdReady's design explicitly rejects the idea that a high-stakes, moment-in-time placement score effectively measures students' ability to be ready for first-year postsecondary studies. Instead, EdReady helps students understand the topical mastery required for their program of study, celebrates what they already know, and helps them focus on what they need to learn to get where they want to go.

From the article:

EdReady builds an individualized “study path” for each student to get them on track. Since moving to this kind of assessment, Ivy Tech has seen an overall decrease in the number of students taking developmental courses.

“It’s a low stake assessment, and, based on its results, a learning plan gets developed,” said [Dr. Kara] Monroe “The student works on that plan in their own time, and as long as they clear up those deficiencies using the learning plan, they can go straight into a college level course.”

Over 45,000 Ivy Tech students have used EdReady, and, after only four months using the tool, roughly 50% of students were able to place into college-level courses.

Two- and four-year postsecondary institutions across the United States are utilizing EdReady as a holistic, student- and equity-centered placement instrument. For a deeper look at where EdReady is being used, check out our partnership roster.

Read More About Ivy Tech's Use of EdReadyRead More About Ivy Tech's Use of EdReady