Maricopa Community College District's Use of EdReady Improves Educational Equity

Dr. Rosslyn R. Knight recently published Maricopa Community College District data that demonstrate that EdReady has significantly increased the number of white students and students of color who were able to place into college-level math and English courses and avoid remediation.

From her recently published League for Innovation in the Community College Learning Abstracts article (login required):

EdReady is second in use as a placement measure at MCCCD after high school GPA. The EdReady system has been instrumental in increasing the percentage of students placed into college-level courses, which has steadily increased from 71 percent in 2018 and 75 percent in 2019 to 83 percent in 2021. Simultaneously, developmental course placement has decreased from 29 percent in 2018 to the current rate of 17 percent. EdReady has also helped to decrease the equity gap in placement into college-level courses by students of color.

Check out Dr. Knight's recent webinar, Increasing College Success Among Nontraditional Students of Color.

Uriel, a student at Gateway Community College, shares his experience of using EdReady to place into a higher-level math class so he could be on track for his engineering degree.