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Free, Web-Based Resources That Support Virtual Learning

As a mission-driven, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving educational access and equity, The NROC Project always makes free, web-based resources available to everyone.

EDREADY is a personalized learning platform that improves a student’s math and English mastery within the context of a particular educational goal. At the site, students can create a free account, select goals in math and English, and immediately begin working in their study path. Students own their data and can share their progress with you at any time.

EdReady is highly accessibility compliant and includes a suite of onboard tools to further enhance the application’s capabilities and compatibility with assistive technologies.

Quick Resources
  • Use this spreadsheet to examine EdReady’s pre-defined goals and the math and English concepts they include.

HIPPOCAMPUS, a curated repository of over 7,000 multimedia learning objects spanning 13 academic subject areas, includes content collections created by The NROC Project, Khan Academy, PhET, NOAA, and other respected providers. Anyone can create curricular content playlists to supplement instruction.

Quick Resources
  • Use this spreadsheet to determine which HippoCampus objects are iOS compatible, closed captioned, and compatible with assistive technologies.
  • Use the ‘Standards’ tab in the user interface to filter objects by national content standards.
  • Adult educators: Use this link to access HippoCampus for Adult Education.


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