Student Podcast at Tribal College Highlights How EdReady Differs From High-Stakes Placement

This summer, Daniella James and Erica Kleinman, students at Tohono O'odham Community College in Pima, Arizona, designed a podcast about how EdReady has helped them master the math concepts they need to know to make progress toward their degrees and why they prefer the adaptive platform over high-stakes placement examinations.

NROC partner Kristin Eberhardt, Title III Project Director, oversees
Tohono O'odham Community College's radio programming.
“EdReady is not a one-and-done platform. EdReady is an ongoing resource that helps students grow in math and English. Students are the drivers of EdReady. Students control their EdReady experience. Students have the opportunity to grow with EdReady to help remember math they learned a long time ago or gently learn new math skills to prepare for upcoming coursework. It is honestly such a gift. I used EdReady when I was nervous and scared to take pre-calculus. I enjoy this program because I did not feel like a failure during the entire experience.”

— DJ Ella (Daniella)
So, when you approach the requirements to get into college, you think of [Accuplacer]. And to me, naturally, it just makes me a little insecure about what it is that I really know, even though you’re ready for the next level: You graduated from high school or you obtained your GED, it’s like, okay, we really need to know where you stand . . . . [w]hen you kind of look at through that lens, it’s really intimidating. So, you feel an enormous amount of pressure. And, for me, when I’m pressured under a test, I don’t do so good. So, it may or may not provide an accurate reflection of where you stand with your skills.

But, with EdReady, in my experience . . . you take the test, and it’s okay if you don’t know it all. It’s okay if your skills aren’t strong. Let’s make them better. It kind of fosters that sort of mindset where there’s a lot of things that we’re not strong in, but if you have the determination to make yourself stronger, it fosters that desire and it creates the environment to do as such.

— DJ Erica

Use the media player below to listen to the entire episode. For additional information, check out how institutions across the country are using EdReady to do placement differently.