Upcoming In-Person Meetings

The NROC Project has always taken a holistic approach to its work. We recognize that some combination of technology deployment, professional development, research and advocacy, and localized support will be necessary in the vast majority of cases, and the specific blend of products and services that makes the most sense will depend on meaningful communication and collaboration with our institutional partners. As such, we have always strived to build solutions and strategies that are sufficiently flexible to accommodate the great diversity of situations on hand. Our ability to achieve mission is substantially mediated by our institutional partners, and by the opportunities for those partners to learn from each other. Our community of sustaining institutional partners spans from secondary to post-secondary to adult educational projects and institutions, providing proof that our work transcends these traditional sectoral boundaries. We are rather unique in our capacity to envision and support solutions that bring coherence to educational pathways both within and among institutional structures.

In that spirit, we are excited to have a busy schedule of in-person convening in the coming months where we are looking forward to meeting new people, connecting with colleagues, and showcasing the amazing work we are accomplishing together. These events address different facets of our work and provide opportunities for participants to really engage with NROC staff and current partners to consider the possibilities at your own programs and institutions for effectively deploying the EdReady platform and/or NROC’s multimedia resources. If you have any questions about these events, or any other events we might be attending, please reach out!

Join the NROC team and our partners for these upcoming summer events:

'Innovation Runs Through It' Symposium

Hosted by Montana Digital Academy, July 16-18, 2024 in Missoula, MT

Join Montana Digital Academy's 'Innovation Runs Through It' Symposium, focusing on education innovation, including artificial intelligence, proficiency-based education, dual credit, EdReady implementation and use cases, and blended and online learning. Learn more and register at the link above.

The NROC Institute for Student Success

Hosted at University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, August 6-7, 2024

Connect with the NROC team and our partners for the NROC Institute for Student Success, hosted by NROC, New Mexico Adult Education and University of New Mexico Academic Communities. Learning areas will focus on K12 / College Readiness, Adult Education, College Advising, developing and implementing NROC tools, and learning from best practices. Register at the link above.