Texas College Bridge

Texas College Bridge

Texas College Bridge is a personalized, self-paced college math and English readiness program powered by EdReady.

High school students who successfully complete the Texas College Bridge program earn a TSIA (Texas Success Initiative Assessment) exemption that is accepted at nearly 100 partnering colleges and universities across the state. The exemption allows students to immediately enroll in credit-bearing courses without having to take a high-stakes placement test.

Are you a Texas School District Administrator/Superintendent looking to submit payment for Texas College Bridge for next school year? Head over to the Texas College Bridge official website (click the Texas College Bridge logo on the left) to get the submission process started!

This comprehensive platform prepares students for college-level work. If we have an avenue to help our students reach their end goals faster, then why not try it. I highly encourage and recommend others to participate in Texas College Bridge.

Dr. Alla Kelman

Dallas College, Mathematics Professor
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Texas College Bridge (TCB) has been such a great addition to Rains High School as a supplement to help our college-bound students. For those who struggled to pass the TSIA, we used TCB as remediation. We also had students that used the TCB completion as a TSIA exemption. Rains High School's CCMR (College, Career, or Military Readiness) accountability jumped from 35% in 20-21 to 93% in 21-22! We will most definitely continue to use Texas College Bridge for our students.

Jeana Penny

Rains High School, Counselor
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