Texas College Bridge

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Texas College Bridge students connect outside.

Texas College Bridge is a personalized, adaptive learning platform (powered by EdReady) that guides 11th and 12th grade students through individualized, self-paced college preparation courses in math and English. Each course uses PEIMS-assigned course names and numbers. Upon successful completion of the curricula, learners can earn credit for the college preparatory course as well as a CCMR indicator for A-F accountability.

Additionally, Texas College Bridge pairs students with facilitators who will help them reach their goals, and the easy-to-use performance interface gives teachers and administrators full visibility into math and English mastery. Free to districts now through June 2024, Texas College Bridge is a great option for online, hybrid, and face-to-face instruction. Watch the on-demand webinar.

Early Efficacy Data

Looking at entry-level college English and math courses, students who enrolled in Dallas College after successfully completing Texas College Bridge had a higher overall passing percentage than college students who did not participate in Texas College Bridge.

Course Key

English 1301 | English Composition I

Math 1314 | College Algebra (Algebraic Pathway)

Math 1324 | Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences (Algebraic Pathway)

Math 1332 | Quantitative Reasoning (Non-Algebraic Pathway)

Math 1342 | Elementary Statistical Methods (Non-Algebraic Pathway)

Passing English 1301

Earning an A, B, or C

76.5% Texas College Bridge

52.5% All Students

Passing Math 1314 / 1324

Earning an A, B, or C

89.1% Texas College Bridge

59.7% (1314) All Students

53.1% (1324) All Students

Passing Math 1332 / 1342

Earning an A, B, or C

64% Texas College Bridge

62.8% (1332) All Students

58.2% (1342) All Students

View and download the case study.

This comprehensive platform prepares students for college-level work. If we have an avenue to help our students reach their end goals faster, then why not try it. I highly encourage and recommend others to participate in Texas College Bridge. 

— Dr. Alla Kelman, Dallas College, Mathematics Professor