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How it Works

To understand how NROC's solutions can address your instructional goals, it's important to be able to distinguish between NROC tools and courses.

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Tools deliver web-based learning experiences.

  • EdReady is an adaptive learning platform that personalizes a student's experience through NROC's award-winning math and English content (and more).
  • HippoCampus is a curated repository of thousands of free, vetted multimedia learning objects from NROC and other respected providers.
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Courses offer multimedia content, delivered through an institution's Learning Management System (LMS).

NROC courses include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose EdReady?

EdReady empowers you to individualize instruction at scale. Help your students skip the math and / or English concepts they already understand, and accelerate their mastery of the concepts they need to know.

Learn how EdReady can meet students where they are, across secondary, postsecondary, and adult education.

Why Choose NROC Courses?

NROC course curricula are adaptable, media-rich, learner-centered, and pedagogically diverse. If you're looking for the best in multimedia courseware to install in your institution's LMS, choose NROC Math or NROC English courses.

What about HippoCampus? provides instructors and students with free access to thousands of learning objects from NROC and other providers. Instructors can create an account to make multimedia playlists.

Additional Information

Working for Student Success

Learners must be proficient in math and English to realize academic and vocational opportunity. Yet nearly half of high school graduates in the United States are not prepared to begin postsecondary studies, and fewer than one quarter of these students will successfully complete college. With NROC courses and tools, folks are rewriting this narrative.

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