NROC for Adult Education

NROC for Adult Education

Honor every learner's unique know-how and empower them to master the math and English they need to meet their academic and career goals.

The NROC Project has been actively working with adult education leaders to develop web-based tools that engage, inspire, and support today's adult learners. NROC offers a product bundle specifically configured for the needs of adult education professionals. NROC’s award-winning multimedia content is accessible in both EdReady and HippoCampus.

  • EdReady is an adaptive learning platform that personalizes a student’s path to math and English mastery, whether they are preparing for high school equivalency and GED examinations, CASAS, NRS, TABE, career pathways, or college. The low-stakes, self-paced nature of the application improves student confidence and persistence, and the real-world problems and assignments reinforce the value of math and English in the workplace and beyond. Adult institutions and programs can secure a customized EdReady site that provides access to robust, real-time outcomes data, customized messaging, multimedia supports, and seat-time tracking.
  • HippoCampus is a curated repository of thousands of multimedia learning objects spanning 13 subjects. These videos have been aligned to the College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education.

Watch a video overview specific to EdReady for Adult Education in math:

EdReady scopes support a spectrum of adult education math programs, including HSE / GED, CASAS, TABE, and NRS preparation, as well as college readiness. Each scope represents an EdReady learning experience.

Interactive Demo

EdReady Math Alignments

HippoCampus is a curated repository of thousands of multimedia learning objects from NROC and other respected providers.

At HippoCampus, you can:

  • Find study resources aligned to College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education (math and English).
  • Reference open math textbooks and an open English grammar handbook.
  • Access playlists created by Kentucky Skills U to support TABE 11/12 and HSE / GED review.
  • Create a curricular playlist (watch the video below for tips and tricks).

Visit the site to get started.

Visit HippoCampus for Adult Education

Open Curricular Playlists for Adult Educators

HippoCampus Playlists Correlated to TABE 11/12 and GED High Impact Indicators

The state of Kentucky recently developed instructional frameworks correlated to the new TABE 11/12 blueprints and the GED High Impact Indicators. The Mathematics and Reasoning Through Language Arts frameworks are bolstered by customized HippoCampus playlists.

HippoCampus is an ever-evolving repository of vetted multimedia learning objects, including collections authored by The NROC Project, Khan Academy, PhET, NOAA, and more. At this open site, educators can create and customize content playlists.

Explore Kentucky’s playlists designed to support adult learners, and check out thousands of additional videos spanning 13 subject areas.

For information about how to seamlessly integrate HippoCampus playlists into shared instructional applications, contact us.

NROC Tools are Being Used to Support Adult Education in the Following States

Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawai'i, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming

“A beautiful part of EdReady is that you get to listen to presentations and worked examples. We have some ESL students who either are pursuing HiSET or are just trying to improve their English and math skills. Being able to actually practice the listening piece is vital and really helps build vocabulary. It’s really rich for ESL populations.”
— Renee Bentham, Department Chair, Missoula County Public Schools Adult Education Division (Montana)

Pricing? It’s simple.

EdReady access is $14 per seat per subject area (math and / or English). A minimum of 250 licenses is required, and volume discounts apply. Once activated, seats are available to students for a calendar year.

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