Why We Value Readiness Over Traditional College Placement

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The NROC Project is a national nonprofit organization changing the way college and career readiness is approached and supported.

In our work with postsecondary institutions and systems, we re-evaluate and improve existing student success practices and help implement new and innovative student success practices. To simplify the adoption of recommended practices, we built EdReady.

EdReady for Low-Stakes Placement and Just-in-Time Learning

The problem that conventional placement practices attempt to solve is real and persistent: to ensure students' postsecondary success, we must understand what they know and what they still need to learn. A learner ill-prepared for a credit-bearing math or English course is not likely to persist and satisfactorily complete that course. High-stakes placement examinations arguably identify the most and least prepared students; however, the majority of learners exist somewhere between ready and not ready. Based on an institution's cut scores, these students may not be effectively placed. By contrast, EdReady, a math and English readiness system, celebrates what students grasp and spotlights what they need to master. Then, the platform provides personalized study paths to help them reach their goals.

A high-stakes placement examination serves as an academic gatekeeper. EdReady positions institutional staff and faculty as student allies rather than gatekeepers.

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