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The NROC Project is committed to making effective, high-quality educational experiences accessible to all students, especially first-generation college goers, low-income learners, and students of color. To achieve our mission, NROC depends on different types of partnerships, including members, educational resource creators, and strategic partners. Explore how we work with a rotating cast of educational institutions, systems, and states, subject matter experts, designers, technologists, philanthropists, and business leaders. View our current partner roster.

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Texas College Bridge

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Texas College Bridge is a personalized, adaptive learning platform (powered by EdReady) that guides 11th and 12th grade students through individualized, self-paced college preparation courses in math and English. Each course uses PEIMS-assigned course names and numbers. Upon successful completion of the curricula, learners can earn credit for the college preparatory course as well as a CCMR indicator for A-F accountability.

Additionally, Texas College Bridge pairs students with facilitators who will help them reach their goals, and the easy-to-use performance interface gives teachers and administrators full visibility into math and English mastery. Free to districts now through June 2022, Texas College Bridge is a great option for online, hybrid, and face-to-face instruction.

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EdReady Montana | Montana Digital Academy

Montana Digital Academy launched EdReady Montana in 2014. Since then, the program, supported by the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, has offered free, digital math and English curricula customized for upper elementary, postsecondary, and adult students.

EdReady Montana, powered by EdReady technology, is designed to support credit recovery, grade-to-grade transitions, and college readiness.

For more information about EdReady Montana, check out the Improving College Readiness at Scale: Practical Insights From the State of Montana whitepaper.

Jacksonville State University

Jacksonville State University (JSU) was an early EdReady adopter. Notably, the four-year public institution replaced their high-stakes placement instrument with the platform—an innovation that has ensured more students enroll in credit-bearing math courses in less time, at a lower cost, and with significantly higher success rates in their subsequent math courses.

For additional information, check out Jacksonville State University's Journal of the National College Testing Association article, "Low-Stakes Mathematics Placement and Preparation Using EdReady."


Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN) is a California State Leadership Project for technology integration and distance-learning projects in the adult education classroom. OTAN partners with adult education agencies to help them effectively utilize educational technologies like EdReady and HippoCampus.

OTAN staff have served on The NROC Project's adult education advisory group, and Penny Pearson, Distance Learning Projects Coordinator, was awarded NROC's 2017 Ambassador of the Year award.

Evergreen Education Group

The NROC Project has long partnered with Evergreen Education Group, most recently as a sponsor of the Digital Learning Annual Conference (DLAC). Evergreen Education Group is a respected leader in the secondary digital learning field. The institution supports, creates, and disseminates collaborative research and provides consultatory services. Evergreen Education Group's work includes Keeping Pace with K-12 Digital Learning, DLAC, and the Digital Learning Collaborative.

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