Our Mission

To help meet society’s need for access to effective, high-quality educational opportunities in an era of rapid economic, social, and personal change.

Against a backdrop of competing priorities, you're charged with providing a high-quality education to the learners you serve. And over and over again, you rise to that challenge. Leaders like you partner with The NROC Project (NROC) to imagine, develop, test, and refine technologies that improve student readiness, retention, and success.

Technology can't—and shouldn't—replace the human art of teaching, but it can help you effectively individualize instruction at scale. Every learner can benefit from personalized support, whether they're rising to grade-level expectations, transitioning to a new grade, preparing for college or career, or working to earn a credential that will give their family fresh opportunities.

NROC collaborates with educators to imagine, develop, test, and refine technologies that improve student success. When your institution, system, or state becomes an NROC partner, you enjoy affordable, seat-based access to EdReady, as well as responsive implementation and technical support, thoughtful instructional resources, and timely professional development. What’s more, you gain a network of connected, inspired, and highly skilled academics who regularly share how their practices are opening doors for learners historically left behind.

If you're searching for ways to more effectively honor the unique needs of every student, we want to partner with you. View our current partner roster and contact us for additional information.

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